HC_Hil_InStudioDivided Portraits: Identity and Disability

Hilary Cooper’s portraits are grounded in traditional classical training but with a more modernist and vibrant handling of color, line and brushstroke. Her influences range from Goya to Alice Neel. Her works are paintings as much as portraits.

The child of foreign service officers, Hilary grew up abroad. Formative years were spent gazing at portraits in England’s National Portrait Gallery. Later she spent a semester soaking up the contemporary art scene at Goldsmiths College, University of London. In the U.S., she attended Oldfields School, Mount Holyoke College, the Art Students League and National Academy.

Her work has been widely exhibited. In particular a project, Divided Portraits: Identity and Disability toured the country and resulted in a book of the same title.

“Whether focused on a landscape or the human features, the result is an enchantment.” — George Plimpton

“They are amazing! A-MAZE-ING. We love them as much as the real kids. 🙂 ” — Devon Preston

“She brings a keen painter’s eye to bear, keener than yours or mine. The result is often striking: how the subject exists as well as looks.” — James Salter

“To have a portrait done by Hilary is a treat beyond just acquiring a piece of art. She has painted all of my children, my husband, myself and sculpted a bust of my father and each piece is a treasure that I enjoy everyday.” — Christina Dobbs